GES Students and Faculty at AMS in Boston

Monday, January 13, 2020

In mid January, students and faculty from Geography and Earth Sciences will be representing UNC Charlotte at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting in Boston.  The conference hosts over 4,000 attendees with applied and theoretical research related to atmospheric sciences, and includes both a Student Conference and the Full Conference.  Many students from our department will be there including undergraduate Meteorology majors Isabel Fajardo, Joshua Redwine, Gabby Keaton, Alavia Hooks, Loren Williams, Austin McCormick, Lucas Faulkner, Caryn Sutorus, Connor Welch, Steve DuBose, Emily Breneman, Justin Bealo, Allison Van Ormer, Owen Lee, and Cristian Gonzalez-Hernandez.  Masters students attending are Anna Stuck, Lindsay Hochstatter, Nick Golden, Cody Burroughs, Maya Robinson, Eric Webb, Katie McKeown, Sarah Purpura, Richard Sirico, and INES PhD student Matt Gropp will also be there.  Professors Davenport, Shirley, and Eastin will be hosting a recruiting table at the Student Conference, and Professors Davenport and Eastin will also be presenting research at the Full Conference.  See below for links to the many UNC Charlotte related presentations:

Gabrielle Keaton (BS Meteorology) presenting her summer REU research at the Student Conference: and

Anna Stuck (MS Earth Sciences, with Professor Eastin) at the Student Conference:

Eric Webb (MS Earth Sciences, with Professor Magi) presenting at the Full Conference:

Nick Golden (MS Earth Sciences, with Professor Scheff) presenting at the Full Conference:

Maya Robinson (MS Earth Sciences, with Professor Scheff) presenting at the Full Conference:

Katie McKeown will be presenting her undergraduate research as part of the full conference:

Matt Gropp (INES PhD, with Professor Davenport) presenting at the Full Conference:

Professor Davenport on instructional methods in atmospheric sciences:

Professor Eastin presenting research at the Full Conference: