Staff Cartographer Uses Maps to Help Author's with Publications

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Recently, GES’ staff cartographer, Patrick Jones, completed maps for use in Dr. Christine Haynes’ (UNC Charlotte Department of History) book, Our Friends the Enemies: The Occupation of France after Napoleon available at Harvard University Press. The book has been very well received and peer reviewed by academics from other universities. One such review, by Thomas Dodman from Columbia University, praised Dr. Haynes' use of maps to help convey the scope of occupation. "The effect is uncanny: right from the beginning, Haynes invites us to see the Occupation of Guarantee as we have come to see “modern” postwar occupations—that is as a negotiated and territorialized peacekeeping settlement. This is a bravura exercise in visualization, one that sets the tone to the book." writes Dodman. Dr. Hayes credits Patrick’s work in her response.

The Forum for the book and essay reviews can be found here: