Michael Ewers

• Assistant Professor
McEniry 309
Migration, Labor Markets, Economic Development, Middle East

I am an economic geographer and interdisciplinary social scientist. My research examines the human capital dimensions of international economic development, including processes of migration, employment and urbanization. I am very interested in questions of who goes where and why in the global economy, and how places attract and utilize global human capital to generate local development. While all of my research is situated in a global context, my regional specialization is in the Middle East where I have studied the diversification of the region's oil economies and the development of new financial centers.  At UNCC I plan to apply some of this work to energy economies in the US and to financial centers, such as Charlotte. For the past four years I worked as an economic and labor policy analyst at Qatar University's Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, where I was a Research Associate Professor. Before that I was an assistant professor of geography at Texas A&M University. 


PhD (2010) Geography, The Ohio State University
MA (2005) Geography, The Ohio State University

Teaching and Research interests

- Migration and labor mobility
- Employment and labor markets
- Urban and regional economic development
- Oil and resource economies
- Financial centers
- The Middle East

Teaching 2019/20 Academic Year

GEOG 3000 "Geography of the Middle East"  
GEOG 3105 "Geography of the Global Economy" 
GEOG 3220 "Renewable Energy and Regional Energy Markets" 

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Gengler J, B Shockley, M Ewers. (Forthcoming).  Refinancing the rentier state: Welfare, inequality, and citizen preferences toward fiscal reform in the Gulf oil monarchies. Comparative Politics.

Dicce R & M Ewers. 2019. Becoming linked in: Leveraging professional networks for elite surveys and interviews. Geographical Review. https://doi.org/10.1111/gere.12346

Babar Z, M Ewers & N Khattab. 2019. Im/mobile highly skilled migrants in Qatar. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 45: 1553-1570

Ewers M & B Shockley. 2018. Attracting and retaining expatriates in Qatar during an era of uncertainty: Would you stay or would you go? Population, Space and Place. 24: 1-15

Shockley B, M Ewers, Y Nardis & J Gengler. 2018. Exaggerating good governance: Score inflation among elite survey informants in autocracies. Governance. 31: 643-664

Murphy T, C Brannstrom, M Fry & M Ewers. 2018. Economic development stakeholder perspectives on boomtown dynamics in the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas. Geographical Review 108: 2-24.

Ewers M, R Dicce, J Poon, Y Chow & J Gengler. 2018. Creating and sustaining Islamic financial centers: Bahrain in the wake of financial and political crises. Urban Geography 39: 3-25.

Chapters in Books

Ewers M & R Dicce. (Forthcoming). Revisiting the Gulf’s divided labor markets. In M. Kamrava (Ed.) The Routledge Handbook on Persian Gulf Politics. London: Routledge.

Ewers M & R Dicce. 2018. High-skilled migration and the attractiveness of cities. In M Czaika (Ed.) Highly-Skilled Migration: Drivers, and Policies (pp. 176-194). Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press.

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