What do you do for a Living? - Visiting Professionals Presentations on Careers in Geology, Geography, Environmental Science, Meteorology, and GIS

The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and the Carolinas Section of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists will present a seminar on careers in the Geosciences.

Presentations will be informal – Professionals will talk for about 15 minutes each on their careers and specialties: engineeringgeology, geography, environmental sciences, meteorology, public sector and private sector employment. You will be able to askquestions during and after the presentations. We may answer many of your questions about our professions and careersduring these presentations, but we welcome more questions from the audience about the topics we didn’t cover.

Participating speakers will be:

  • Rebecca Deal ‘14 – Staff Geologist; Shield Engineering, Charlotte, NC

  • Stanton Lanham – Weather Forecaster, Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC

  • Cyrus Parker, LG, PE, CPM – GeoEnvironmental Supervisor, NCDOT, Raleigh, NC

  • Chris Moore – Manager of Market Strategy, Family Dollar, Matthews, NC

  • Stacie Chabot ‘13 – Market Strategy Analyst, Family Dollar, Matthews, NC

  • Rick Kolb, LG – Project Manager, Duncklee & Dunham, PC, Env. Consultants, Cary, NC

Free Pizza and Beverages (Courtesy of AEG Chapter)