Prof. Thomas Blaschke

Prof. Thomas Blaschke, U. Salzburg Austria
Presentation Title:  Structuring The Complexity of Our Environment, Hosted by Prof. Gang Chen

Background: Thomas Blaschke, a Professor for Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and head of the Research Studio iSPACE, will speak on the topic of the movement toward the full integration of GIS and Remote Sensing, as part of the Geography and Earth Sciences community talks. The amount of applications and scientific articles addressing (Geographic) Object-based Image Analysis – GEOBIA or OBIA in short – has been sharply increasing. The term OBIA is used for generic image processing tasks while GEOBIA’s aims at the generation of geographic information (in GIS-ready format) from which new spatial knowledge can be obtained.

Blaschke will outline that GEOBIA methods and methodologies can structure the complexity of our environment and, likewise, complexity of measurements into scaled representations for further analysis and monitoring tasks. Some key properties of GEOBIA make it distinct and increasingly being considered as a new paradigm in remote sensing. Blaschke will present concepts and examples. Some examples have little image information but use GEOBIA concepts for GIS-like analysis. His research interests include methodological issues of the integration of GIS, remote sensing and image processing for environmental modeling, in particular integrating methods and domain knowledge into spatial analysis and GIS-based spatial decision support system. His academic record yields 300+ scientific publications including 60 journal publications. He is author, co-author or editor of 17 books and has received several academic awards including the Christian-Doppler Prize 1995. As of October, 2013, his papers had been cited over 4,000 times.