Dr. Rebecca Barnes

 Dr. Rebecca Barnes, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences, Rutgers Univ.,
Presentation Title: Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling in an Urbanizing Environment, Hosted by Prof. Manda Adams

Background:  My research examines the effects of anthropogenic disturbance and ecosystem variability on the biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon. Humans have significantly altered elemental cycles worldwide through energy and food production activities (e.g. doubling the amount of reactive nitrogen produced annually), leading to an increase in quality of life but also several unintended consequences (e.g. estuarine eutrophication).  I use techniques from geochemistry (e.g. stable and radioisotopes, characterization of organic matter) and ecosystem ecology (laboratory and field experiments, ecosystem modeling) to explore how drivers of global change (e.g. nitrogen deposition, land use change, and warming) affect the processing and flux of nitrogen and carbon to rivers and ultimately to estuarine and coastal environments.