The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences is comprised of physical, natural and social scientists from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Our mission is to create, extend and disseminate applied and theoretical scientific knowledge of the Earth’s physical, natural and human systems and their interactions through scholarly research, teaching and service.  This is accomplished through the lens of five interdisciplinary themes:

  • Global Change
  • Sustainability
  • Human Environmental Interaction
  • Hazards
  • Geospatial Perspective

While each of these thematic areas represents distinct faculty expertise, there are considerable opportunities for multidisciplinary learning and research.

The Department houses programs leading to undergraduate, undergraduate honors, and graduate degrees in the following areas: Geography, Earth Sciences, Geology and Meteorology.  Additionally the department contributes to two interdisciplinary graduate programs; Infrastructure and Environmental Systems and Public Policy.

Teachers Observing Peers Program: HUMANS TRANSFORMING THE ENVIRONMENT, LBST 2213

William Garcia is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography and Earth Science. He uses lecture, whole class discussion, and small-room breakout sessions as well as informal group work using think-pair- share and a classroom response system. His teaching philosophy is to divide the course into two weekly lectures and smaller discussion or break-out sections. "In lecture we use a variety of...

Washington Center to honor UNC Charlotte for its civic engagement efforts

In support of its nomination for the 2016 Higher Education Civic Engagement Award, the University used the Charlotte Action Research Project (CHARP) to emphasize the depth and breadth of UNC Charlotte’s efforts to enhance the region’s economic, civic and cultural vitality. For almost a decade, University staff and graduate researchers have led this project. As an asset-based community planning...

Geography majors, Jamal Covington and Devin Martin, win 1st place in Virtual Hackathon

Geography majors, Jamal Covington and Devin Martin, won an award for their entry into the Virtual Hackathon (apps and games for social good) competition (Click here for website). They created a mobile app this summer for the Charlotte Community Scholars program.....their app will...

William (Bill) Garcia's dinosaur trackways take geology students outside the classroom and back in time

Students in UNC Charlotte geologist William Garcia’s classes can imagine they have stepped back in time to the Mesozoic Era, as they follow an interactive path of dinosaur footprints newly installed on campus. Click here to read more.

Pollinators find salvation, friends along the Butterfly Highway

The bees and butterflies flitting through your yard this summer don’t hint at a dark reality: The pollinators that feed the world are starving.

More than 200,000 species, mostly insects, carry pollen grains from male to female parts of flowers for reproduction. Three-quarters of the globe’s food crops rely on pollinators.

But up to 40 percent – chiefly bees and butterflies –...